A virtual tour to Pompeii and Herculaneum

A virtual tour to Pompeii and Herculaneum

A live virtual tour that involves a tourist guide interacting with visitors over a Zoom call, providing a narrative as in a regular tour.

A journey into the past with the eyes of future,  whilst we wait patiently to rediscover the joy and curiosity of our students and travellers from all over the world.

Through reconstructions, infographics and video, visitors will experience the excitement of an amazing journey back in time until just before the Plinian eruption of 79 AD destroyed the Roman cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum. This tour will allow our digital explorers to recreate these ancient cities in detail and to dive deep into the culture, the organization and the places where the activities of an ancient Herculaneum or Pompeian citizen took place over the course of a day.

Connected from a device and just like on regular tour, visitors will have the opportunity to follow an itinerary and to interact with a tour guide in real time.

Our tour will highlight four sections.

The first part will take place among the public places of these cities. Places present in every ancient Roman city:  the Herculaneum Theatre (where in addition to dramas and comedies, political debates and religious rituals where held);  the Central Baths (a very popular social place); Pompeii’s Forum, the city’s vital center, and the “Schola Armaturarum” (a pompeian military training place for young men, collapsed in 2010).

The second part of the itinerary is dedicated to the Domus (houses): some of the most significant examples of pompeian domus are the “House of the Tragic Poet”, “House of the Faun”, “House of the Labyrinth” and “House of the Citharist”). The reconstruction of these private places will make it possible to discover how the houses of the ancient Pompeians were organized, their environments and the different functions they were intended for.

The third part will be a journey into Pompeian and Herculaneum painting. Each fresco and mosaic will be analyzed in detail, focusing on their beauty and their meaning.

The fourth, and last part of the itinerary, will be entirely dedicated to the Villa dei Papiri and its extraordinary library. This sumptuous villa, built on the coast of Herculaneum, comes to life through our virtual reconstructions.

The tour will end with the reconstruction of the event that changed forever the history and geography of the Vesuvian area. The Vesuvius eruption narrated in the voice of the great actor Mariano Rigillo, reconstructed with the advice of the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology: an extraordinary document that will close our journey exactly at the point and moment when it all began.

  • Duration

    The duration of a group virtual tour is usually 60 minutes long while the individual tour is around 90 minutes total.

  • Tickets

    School groups 80 € for groups up to 25 students

    (special price valid until 28/02)

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    Exclusively online

    Payments can be made either with PayPal or with credit card

    School groups can ask to pay via a bank transfer sending an email to prenotazioni@museomav.it

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